Vyomax® Mass Gaining Stack

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Vyomax® Mass Gaining Stack
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Product information

VyoGain® Mass Gain Powder provides your body with a high quality blend of carbohydrates and whey protein concentrate with a balance of glutamine peptides. Each serving delivers 2.5gms of Creatine. Enriched with a full amino acid profile, VyoGain® is a balanced and optimal weight gain formula designed to support muscle growth, strength, performance and recovery when used in conjunction with a weight training programme.

Vyomax® High Protein Flapjacks have been specifically formulated to provide you with the necessary protein and carbohydrates to fuel and recover from intense workouts. They should be best enjoyed before or after training but can also be used as a supplement to boost your calorie intake. Ideal to help you bulk up.

Maxi Carbs® Powder
To improve athletic performance and reduce glycogen depletion in muscle tissue, the body requires regular intakes of high glygaemic–index carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the fuel that your body uses during high intensity exercises, therefore making them essential for improved performance and recovery. As the muscle can only store a limited amount of carbohydrates this needs to be at a maximum  level before, during and after exercise. 
Maxi Carbs® powder is made from maltodextrin, a readily digestible carbohydrate produced from starch. It provides a sustained release of energy throughout intense exercise and promotes the storage of glycogen in muscle tissue.


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