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The Vyomax® supplement stacks we've come up with are some of the best around. Whether you are looking to lose weight or add muscle mass, you'll find a supplement stack that suits your needs.
Including Protein powder, Creatine, BCAA's and a selection of other supplements, these deals are sure to help you on your way to achieving your goals.
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  • Vyomax® Muscle Building Stack

    Vyomax® Muscle Building Stack

    The Vyomax® Muscle Building Stack - Get a Vyomax® Deluxe 2.2kg, , BCAA Powder 435g, Kre-Alkalyn® 120 Caps and a Tribulus 100 caps.
  • Vyomax®  Get Massive Stack

    Vyomax® Get Massive Stack

    £49.99 £93.49
    The Vyomax® Get Massive Stack - Get a Vyogain® 2.2kg, Maxi Carbs® Powder 1kg, Box of 12 Flapjacks and a case of 12 x 500ml Maxi Carbs® drinks.