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We have sourced the best quality boxing gloves and bags that we could find to bring you. We are constantly sourcing new and innovative products. 
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  • Vyomax®  Bag Gloves

    Vyomax® Bag Gloves

    £29.99 £39.99
    Our Vyomax® bag mitts are padded with injection-moulded, multi-layered gel foam padding for maximum hand protection with a moisture wicking taffeta inner lining and curved shape to reduce hand fatigue that allows greater comfort, flexibility & control. fastening
  • Vyomax®  Focus Mitts (Hook & Jab Pads)

    Vyomax® Focus Mitts (Hook & Jab Pads)

    £29.99 £39.99
    Vyomax® hook & jab pads are manufactured from carbon PU material with dual layers of shock absorbent foam system at the wrist area & triple layers of shock absorbent foam system at palm area. Training with focus pads will help to improve hand-eye co-ordination, balance & timing.
  • Vyomax® Boxing Gloves

    Vyomax® Boxing Gloves

    £29.99 £39.99
    Vyomax® carbon pu boxing gloves, an 'Air Cool' Mesh finger area plus full moisture wicking palm inside. 3" retractable PU/Velcro elastic strap closing. PU foam with integrated gel
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  • Vyomax® Fist Bandages (Pair)

    Vyomax® Fist Bandages (Pair)

    £2.00 £4.99
    Made from soft, poly cotton material, the boxing fist bandages are approximately 3 metres long with a built in thumb loop at one end for easier wrapping and a secure touch fastener at the other end allowing you to secure the wraps in place. 
  • Vyomax®  4ft Uppercut Boxing Bag

    Vyomax® 4ft Uppercut Boxing Bag

    £69.99 £79.99
    This bag is ideal for extreme upper cut and lateral punches and practising your kicking techniques. This bag comes pre-filled and ready to use. Supplied with 6 webbing straps.
  • Vyomax® Uppercut Punchbag

    Vyomax® Uppercut Punchbag

    £69.99 £79.99
    Vyomax® double upper cut bag is ideal for practising your variable kicking techniques. High quality, heavy duty PU with Vyomax® logo at the top.
  • Vyomax®  Punch Bag (5ft)

    Vyomax® Punch Bag (5ft)

    £49.99 £59.99
    High quality, heavy duty PU with the Vyomax® logo at the top of the bag. This bag comes pre-filled and ready to use. Supplied with 4 webbing straps.
  • Vyomax®  Curved Boxing Shield

    Vyomax®  Curved Boxing Shield

    £39.99 £49.99
    Vyomax®  curved shield for various sports training techniques offers a generous kicking target for the student and secure handling for the coach.
  • Ab Slings (Pair)

    Ab Slings (Pair)

    Pair of Ab Slings complete with hooks. Perfect for those crucial crunches, leg raises abdominal twists and other raised abdominal work.
  • Digital Skipping Rope

    Digital Skipping Rope

    Skipping is an excellent way to increase your cardio vascular fitness, boost endurance, develop stamina and burn calories. It helps improve co-ordination, body tone, balance, agility and speed and is perfect for a total body workout.
  • Head Guard with Face Protection

    Head Guard with Face Protection

    Help guard yourself from serious injury with this thickly padded head guard. The guard will help protect the face, ears, cheeks and chin. The head guard comes complete with plastic safety guards which can be removed if not required
  • Sauna Suit

    Sauna Suit

    Comfortable, lightweight two-piece vinyl suit which encourages natural perspiration whilst exercising. Soft, durable vinyl fabric with elasticated neck, wrist, waist and ankles to help keep body heat in.
  • Weighted Gloves (1kg per pair)

    Weighted Gloves (1kg per pair)

    A pair of one size, fingerless, weighted gloves to add extra resistance to cardiovascular workouts and help improve muscle tone. The weights are fixed at the back of the glove providing increased comfort when training at a high intensity.
  • Vyomax Gym Bag

    Vyomax Gym Bag

    A deluxe Vyomax Fitness nylon gym bag in our signature red and black colours with 2 carrying handles and an adjustable shoulder strap.