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At Vyomax Fitness if you're looking for extra motivation to reach a particular goal or you want to build confidence in the gym? One-to-one sessions with our dedicated trainers can make a real difference to your well being and your results. Our personal trainers can help you:

✓Setting realistic goals
✓Track your physical progress
✓Improve your health and wellbeing
✓Learn the correct technique for onsite gym equipment
✓Keep your workout routine fresh and interesting
✓Change your body composition
✓Discover extra motivation and confidence

Hannah Louise

My name is Hannah, I am a Manchester born and bread girl. I am the body confidence coach at Vyomax and I work with many diverse females helping them get to the highest level of confidence physically and also helping them grow internally. I have once been through the journey myself having very low self esteem and i decided to become a coach to help and empower other women on their journeys and struggles. I want to be able to support as many females as I can on their fitness journeys alone.

Join my team.

Insta - Hannahlouisefitness

Tel: 0161 8658555

Hi, I’m Maria Jayne, I have been a PT and Nutrition coach for 9 years. I have been through my own transformation loosing a whopping 10 stone after my first child and then going on to win multiple shows in body building.

If I can then so can you! Anything is possible so let me show you how! Let me educate you about nutrition, this is a life style change not a diet. You can eat your favourite foods and still get the results and reach your goals. Sound good? Let me show you how to loose weight and tone up without giving up your favourite food. 

Insta @mariajaynefitness17

Tel: 0161 8658555


My name is Kris and I'm Croatian. I've been a PT for 10 years and can safely say that fitness is a part of my lifestyle. In the past I've competed in various bodybuilding competitions in the Men's Physique & Muscle Model categories. Having been through the transformation myself and coaching others to be competition ready, I know that it's not easy. But, with the right coaching & guidance, everything is possible! If you want to change your lifestyle, get healthier, build muscle and feel good, I believe we can work together and get YOU on the right path. From YOU I need dedication, passion and consistency. Leave everything else to me ... LETS WORK !
Tel: 0161 8658555