At Vyomax Fitness if you're looking for extra motivation to reach a particular goal or you want to build confidence in the gym? One-to-one sessions with our dedicated trainers can make a real difference to your well being and your results. Our personal trainers can help you:

✓Setting realistic goals
✓Track your physical progress
✓Improve your health and wellbeing
✓Learn the correct technique for onsite gym equipment
✓Keep your workout routine fresh and interesting
✓Change your body composition
✓Discover extra motivation and confidence

Hannah Louise

My name is Hannah, I am a Manchester born and bread girl. I am the body confidence coach at Vyomax and I work with many diverse females helping them get to the highest level of confidence physically and also helping them grow internally. I have once been through the journey myself having very low self esteem and i decided to become a coach to help and empower other women on their journeys and struggles. I want to be able to support as many females as I can on their fitness journeys alone.

Join my team.

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