Vyomax Nutrition are working closely with Vicky and the team at BNBF, Last year we worked together as a sponsor for the Northern Shows and this year are proud sponsors of the BNBF's stringent drug testing program.


Suzi Wong is a family run business based in Lancashire, specialising in customised ring wear for stars in the amateurs to world champions including Amir Khan, Ricky Hatton, Matthew Hatton, Joe Calzaghe and many more. With our long connection with the Hatton brand and their boxers we work closely with Suzi Wong to ensure all our boxers have personalised shorts for their fight night. Suzi Wong is also behind the face of our well known Vyomax Clothing range. 



Vyomax Nutrition is pleased to announce that we are now in partnership with Exceed Nutrition. We will work closely with Ru Anderson, the owner of the company to provide our customers with the best nutrition system available. Exceed are industry leaders in making effective research-proven performance nutrition available to everyone. 


We support Hedz International as the number one place to go for all your grooming needs. From styling to turkish shaves Hedz is well known within the celebrity community by all top sports stars.