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The Gym
What Free Weights do you have on offer?
We have Jordan Dumbbells which range from 2.5kg all the way to 55kg in 2.5 Kg increments.
What Gym Equipment do you have?
We have 36 pieces of equipment on offer to target each individual body part. Including 5 Benches and 2 squat racks
Do you have Changing & Washing Facilities?
YES, there are two newly refurbished toilets available both equipped with showers, hair dryers and hand dryers.
Do you have car parking space
We have plenty of spaces available to park, anywhere behind the gym or Industrial estate is ok!
Memberships & Day Passes
What our your opening times

Weekdays 7.30am-9pm

Weekends 10am-4pm

When i join the Vyomax Fitness gym am i in a contract
There is no contract or cancellation fee
Nutrition, Supplements & Training Accessories
Do you stock Supplements?
Yes, attached to the gym is a supplement store with a variety of brands including applied nutrition and nutri sport but we primarily stock our own Vyomax nutrition brand of supplements.
We also have pre-workouts and drinks available and stock GOLD STANDARD NUTRITION meals which can be cooked on site!
What Equipment do you have for Leg Day?
10 specific leg machines on offer including a pendulum squat, hack squat, vertical leg press and hip thrust machine to name a few!
What cardio equipment do you have?
We have a wide variety on offer which include, Treadmills, Rowing Machines, Cross Trainer and Spinning Bikes
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