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Creatine & Kre-Alkalyn

Creatine is the world’s most researched supplement and has been proven time and time again to be one of the safest and most effective performance enhancing supplements. To help improve your training, Creatine should be a staple of your diet. By supplementing with Creatine you can help increase performance in short bouts of high intensity exercise such as weight lifting or cardio. Research has shown that a daily Creatine dosage of 3g can help increase lean muscle mass and improve body composition
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Vyomax® Kre-Alkalyn® offers the next step in cell volumisation by adopting a unique creatine absorption system. This is the World's first and only Creatine that doesnt convert to creatinine in liquids befoe reaching the muscle. It can help improve endurance, stamina, strength, speed, recovery and increase lean muscle mass without the side effects usually associated with creatine.


Vyomax® Creatine Monohydrate is a highly proven supplement which has been used for many years by athletes due to its performance enhancing effect. When taken as a supplement, Creatine can help to increase muscle size, strength, power and energy levels during intensive exercise.

Creatine 3000

Micronized Creatine Monohydrate has been proven to increase physical performance in successive bursts of short-term, high intensity exercise. Each serving provides 3000mg (3g) of Creatine Monohydrate