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Amino Smart strives to be the premier sports nutrition brand in Europe and in North America. We are committed to bring the customer the best quality products, with the best taste and results at a price you can afford. Our friendly, knowledgeable and professional team will educate you on what products you need to reach your goals.

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  • Amino Smart XCELL BCAAs 400g

    Amino Smart XCELL BCAAs 400g

    A Pre - Intra - Post workout drink that contains extremely potent concentrations of BCAAs (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine) in the original 2:1:1 ratio and herbal adaptogen rhodiola extract. XCELL also contains a unique electrolyte replacement blend to aid in hydration.
  • Amino Smart Hydra Charge 525g

    Amino Smart Hydra Charge 525g

    As the saying goes, there is no school like the old school, so we at AMINOSMART decided to go back to the drawing board and devise a pre-workout formula from tried and tested honest ingredients in the proper effective doses.
  • Amino Smart Ultrapure Whey 2.27kg

    Amino Smart Ultrapure Whey 2.27kg

    Ultrapure Whey is a protein powder made from 100% grass fed whey isolate, concentrate and hydrolysed whey, it's a clean, simple and honest protein because we pride ourselves on quality.
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  • Amino Smart Amino Edge 420g

    Amino Smart Amino Edge 420g

    Amino Edge™ contains all 9 essential amino acids necessary to maximise recovery and build muscle, plus 1 extremely important non-essential amino acids (Glutamine) sometimes known as a conditional non-essential amino acid. These 9 essential amino acids cannot be made by the body, they must be consumed. Essential amino acids are the “building blocks” of the body and are absolutely crucial to your body if you want to reach your maximum fitness and athletic potential.